Introducing the International Meta Consciousness Academy ( “The Academy” ).

The Academy was founded in 2018 by Penny Croal, in order to create a clear understanding of exact mind body connection at a time when there was so much “chaos” with different trainings, modalities, levels of rigour and professionalism which fundamentally wasn’t optimally serving students, practitioners and clients.

One of the primary goals of The Academy was to codify, systemise and simplify deep learnings and approaches in a way that could be simply taught consistently to different people from varied backgrounds and skill sets.

The Academy has a primary base in the UK and operates globally, and it’s singular focus is the study and application of Meta Consciousness.


“I realised it’s so important that we all started to speak and build from the same page” Penny Croal
“Question anything anyone tells you.. including what I tell you” Buddha
“Meta Consciouness is the under pinning life” Kelly the nurse

You if you are tired of the same repeating suffering or chronic pain

You if you are curious to exploring the root cause of your symptoms

You if you are ready to become who you were born to be

You if you are a practitioner and want to assist your clients in a deeper analystical process of self healing

No matter if you are layman, practitioner, facilitator, yogi, Dr,

If you want to live fully the life you were born to do so

If you want to understand Neurological or Physical symptoms and processes by exploring the spiritual and emotional underlying reasons of the dis-ease process

The Academy currently operates globally with active members in England, New Zealand, United States of America, South Africa.

And provides members with:

Note: We are constantly looking how to add more value and resources for The Academy members.

Members of the Academy join usually for one or more of these reasons:

Discover where you are on your journey ...

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