We at IMCA believe that no one needs to be imprisoned in physical or mental suffering.By connecting people to their inherent freedom and joy, we can awaken our innate healing

ability and learn to reunite the secret language of body, mind and soul. Nature does not make mistakes.

We are lighthouses in the quagmire of health choices.

Activate The Healer Within

Are you unwell and feeling stuck in a loop of chronic illness despite trying many conventional and alternative treatments?

Or are you a holistic practitioner already getting great results for your clients, but you know in your heart there are ways to offer more consistent healing outcomes?

Are you being called to find a different path to wellbeing? One grounded in freedom and self-empowerment?

The International Meta Consciousness Academy provides guidance and support for creating a new relationship with the body and mind and how we perceive physical and psychological illness.

Learn how symptoms are biological responses and adaptations to our state of being—intent on survival and achieving balance rather than something wrong or an attack we need to defend—and how to awaken the innate self-healing ability through our supportive community, resources, workshops, and tools.

The Meta Consciousness Approach

Optimal health is about so much more than the absence of symptoms.

The quality and potency of our life force are directly connected to where we consciously or unconsciously create blockages within our mind, body and soul. We work with you to investigate the life themes, history and beliefs that have culminated into the personal story of your dis-ease.

We believe in creativity, resourcefulness, and the innate ability to heal. We walk alongside you, guiding you towards soul-ution map pathways to bespoke wholeness.

We support you in recognising and building on your strengths, helping you overcome the impact of emotional or physical past traumas, no matter how insignificant you feel they may be or how big they were.  You will explore your present reality with fresh eyes to shift towards fulfilling your birthright — a life abundant with passion, purpose, and potential.

We Are Individually Crafted Eco Systems

Only we know what it will take to make profound and lasting shifts in our ways of being, and we each possess immense power within to make peace and release what is no longer serving us.

While a doctor, therapist, coach, or practitioner can support our process, ultimately, the power to heal is 100% ours. It is a choice that we may not be fully aware of. Taking pills and supplements, eating healthily, and detoxing can alleviate or clear symptoms. However, when symptoms recur, we must do the inner work to acknowledge the patterns and assumptions that often reside deep in our subconscious and where the roots of dis-ease originate.

Recognising when we revert to habitual responses requires a high level of self-awareness, and confronting oneself when avoidance, deflection, and blame are the default requires radical self-honesty.

It is necessary to constantly make an effort to shift from automatic programming. This process isn’t easy, but it’s where authentic and lasting changes materialise. Our purpose is to support you through this.

What We Offer

We will meet you wherever you are on your journey.

We equip you with tools to comprehend and be guided by your body’s inherent wisdom.

Together, we will explore and find the root cause of your symptoms.

Soul-ution maps for personalised guidance tailored to your experience.

We help you access and resolve unconscious and unhelpful beliefs to make more aligned choices to heal your body.

Embodiment practices and mind-body-spirit connection techniques to support your healing path.

A truly Whol-istic approach to whatever process of dis-ease your are dealing with

If You Are

Curious about alternative healing methods to integrate with a current medical treatment.

Seeking peace, hope and resolution amid physical, emotional, neurological, or psychological pain.

Open to understanding the deeper dimensions of your unconscious and its connection to your lived experience.

Ready to do the inner work and explore self-reliant gateways to wellbeing*

A coach or practitioner wanting to expand your health knowledge and discover creative, personalised solutions for yourself and your clients.

Compelled to walk this journey with others as it a calling rather than a job.

*This can feel big, so if you aren’t quite ready, let’s connect anyway for a gentle chat.

Meta Consciousness Is For All

Meta Analysis Coaching Trainees can expect to deepen their understanding of energy modalities for unlocking human healing potential. You will explore the innate wisdom of the body, brain and soul, learning ways to further support your clients in your coaching or practitioner service with a dynamic framework that deepens the relationship with self to create a beautiful coherence.

Seekers can experience a release from pain, fear, and confusion, discover the answers within to shed limiting beliefs and reclaim their true identity to harness living in vibrant health through alternatives to conventional medicine.

The Meta Consciousness approach is not for everyone, but if any of this resonates with you, we invite you to explore with us further.

Discover where you are on your journey ...

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