Background, Leila a persian cat, was born from a female cat who was too old to breed any more, she killed all the kittens apart from 3.  The older tom, bullied Leila and ate all her food, she was constantly kicked out of the nest

Penny precured her and she was the most timid little creature covered in ringworm.(please note that Penny did not contract ringworm, for another story)

At approx. 3 years old, Penny travelled abroad to work and left Leila with Friend.  Upon her return, Penny had a diary full of clients and no time to attend to little Leila, during a clients visit, Leila started vomiting and was rushed to vets.  Diagnosed with Strangulated Gut and no Platelets, Leila went into a coma.

A strangulated gut can mean several different things, it could be a hernia,(Leila did not have a hernia) for some reason her intestines had been obstructed.The soft intestines, colon etc are related to the Brainstem Relay all about survival  Vets initially thought she had eaten a needle or wool or thread.  This was not the case this was a case of volvulus Volvulus occurs when part of the intestine loops around and folds over itself. It often happens in the cecal and sigmoid colon sections of the intestines. The twisting can cut off the tissue’s blood supply, leading to symptoms such as extreme pain, bloody stool, and bowel obstruction.

Penny using a combination of Matrix Reimprinting and Meta Consciousness worked for a couple of hours on her as the vets were pretty adamant Leila would not survive.

Knowing that Leila had been rejected at birth and bullied she had attachment issues and simply could not digest that Penny had left her also, this was so distressing for her, her guts started to respond to the distress.  ( Please note the dis-ease process happens more to our pets that are conditioned or domesticated, likewise animals that are caged, moreso than animals that are living in the wild.)

Her guts literally went into a freeze response and she could not literally or metaphorically break down any information that she was once again being rejected

Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, are special blood cells with an important function. Platelets control blood clotting, which means they are critical for healing wounds and stopping bleeding.

From a biological perspective they are part of the Medulla Brain Relay, all about self worth.  At this point Leila did not wish to stay on this earth as she felt so unworthy.  (I have seen this is so many of my clients that the feel disconnected from themselves and lose their sense of selves)

2 Hours and the vets rescanned little Leila she came out of the coma and her platelets had returned to 100% normal.

It is important to note that sometimes it is easier to work with animals than humans, as humans tend to have beliefs and a larger prefrontal cortex than can actually hinder the healing process.


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