To Vaccinate Or Not? What a question!

There has never been a more contentious, fear-driven furore over what is and isn’t science ‘fact’. A blog can’t do justice to the scale of debate or the sourcing of information need to make a sound judgement. I can only offer you a taste, here, of how Meta Consciousness views vaccines.

We were taught as infants that vaccines are safe, effective and necessary. Challenging this view is scary stuff. Thinking differently pushes us “away from the tribe” — Dr Thomas Cowan.

That’s really hard. Most won’t want to go near such radical thinking. Friends, family members, colleagues may feel threatened by a different view. Be kind to yourself, and to those who do not want to explore this with you.

To understand how Meta Consciousness views vaccines we return to medic-led exploration of the process of dis-ease. We remember that Meta Consciousness sees the body-mind as one.

My previous three blogs give us these foundation stones:

Germ theory is just that… a theory

Terrain theory is fundamental to New German Medicine’s understanding of the process of dis-ease and as such, forms the basis for Meta Consciousness.

Terrain theory states that:
‘Germs’ exist within the body and do not ‘attack’ it from outside. They do not cause dis-ease.

Damage to the ‘terrain’ is the cause of disease.

Cells damaged by toxins and/or trauma trigger microbes to create dis-ease symptoms – in an attempt to restore balance.

From my last blog:

“In the last 100 years, mainstream scientists have founded all virus theories and tests on Pasteur’s germ theory. They have assumed that because large numbers of the virus elements are found in dis-eased and dying cells, and not in healthy living ones, the virus is the invading cause of dis-ease.

Which is like a small child assuming that fire-fighters cause fires. You do always see plenty of them around a blaze, after all.

Had we spent 100 years following terrain theory, we’d be researching how the viral strands of RNA and DNA are activated by cells in a weakened state.
We would notice that when ‘deadly viruses’ arise, their significant impact on the global population subsides naturally, without the need for vaccines.”

As ever, I say to you – do not believe me, or follow my words. But follow them up. Do your own investigations and above all, trust your inner voice, your heart not gut(i will talk about this another time). Your body holds the wisdom you need to make the choice that’s right for you.

Let’s look at what vaccines are aiming to achieve.

“__Vaccines work by mimicking the infectious bacteria or viruses that cause disease. Vaccination stimulates the body’s immune system to build up defences against the infectious bacteria or virus (organism) without causing the disease. The parts of the infectious organism that the immune system recognises are foreign to the body and are called antigens. Vaccination exposes the body to these antigens__”. FDA

Meta Consciousness on Vaccines

The first sentence of the FDA paragraph above is critical.
Western medicine blames bacteria and viruses for the appearance of dis-ease.

Meta Consciousness sees dis-ease resulting from cell/organ terrain, traumatised by physical and/or emotional injury/toxins. Bacteria and viruses are present, yes, but not as the first cause of dis-ease.

Meta Consciousness views microbes as being enlisted by the body to assist the healthy processes of building up and breaking down cells and tissues. This happens as the body attempts to restore balance, always aiming to preserve life, but includes the ultimate, entirely natural processes of dying.
Obviously i am referring to natural viruses and bacteria.

So, what do viruses really do?

Meta Consciousness views viruses as emerging when environmental conditions – specifically toxins in the environment – change. Dr Zach Bush explains this in depth in his video ‘What Happened Last Year?’’

The virus – which is basically a tiny fragment of information – RNA or DNA – is seen by Meta Consciousness as an information update. New toxins in the environment trigger a need to update the biological systems to enable them to cope with these stressors. The virus works rather like the updates we give our phones to bring them up to speed with a new operating system.

If our phone is not up to the upgrade, it will simply cease to function. The same is true of a body which is weakened by the trauma of previous stressors. A compromised terrain will not cope with the demands of living with increased toxicity.

This view would predict that a new virus will initially be seen in association with dis-ease symptoms and potentially with people dying of those symptoms. It would then expect that the death rate would fall away over time, as the majority manage to adapt to the new toxin levels. The virus would ultimately cease to be associated with mortality at all.

Do we need vaccines?

The mortality rates of a ‘killer virus’ for which no vaccine was created offers an interesting picture. If we look at SARS or MERS viruses, we see the pattern predicted above.

When the virus appeared, large numbers of people were dying with high levels of this virus in their cells. Their bodies were trying to take in the viral information, but that the cells were too weakened by toxic/traumatic factors to make the adjustment. Instead, the body signalled over production of the virus. The morbidity levels of the cells reached a tipping point and the body shuts down.

As the viral information spread across the globe, over time, the number of people dying reduced to a point considered negligible.

Looking further back, we see deaths by scarlet fever, a major killer of the early 19th century. This much-feared dis-ease eradicated itself over time, once sanitation and basic living conditions reached levels sufficient to maintain healthy cell terrain.

But, surely, if vaccines work, we can avoid deaths by using them?

This is a logical view. But there are huge questions to be asked about whether or not vaccines actually work.

These questions need far more attention than this blog can offer. (I will include more information in my forthcoming book ‘The Body’s Expressions of Trauma’.)

For now, let me point you to the fact that the graphs published for main media consumption only show the very tail end of the mortality curve.

They give the impression that the decline in dis-eases is due to the vaccines.

The bigger picture over the long term shows that the decline was already well underway. In fact, Gunn, in his book on the subject, ‘Vaccines’, (Gunn, 2014) points to an increase in small pox deaths after the vaccine was introduced.

When we look at the graphs showing longer term mortality rates for the viruses associated with serious illnesses, we see a similar picture for each: they start with high mortality – the virus update challenges our species. Those of us with vulnerability will be at risk. But over time and without the use of vaccines, the mortality rate declines dramatically as long as basic living conditions support healthy life.

There is a plethora of other information which challenges the efficacy of vaccination as an approach to dis-ease prevention and questions the science upon which it is based. When we look at the actual tests performed by those we hail as the ‘creators’ of vaccinations – Jenner et al, we are struck by the flaws in the scientific set up.

And then there is the potential danger of vaccines…

Do we really want to inject the body with a mixture that includes aluminium and/or mercury compounds which are added to trigger a negative response in the body because the viral material on its own does not register as a threat…?

Do we need to introduce an artificial DNA/RNA cocktail to warn the body’s intelligence system of a threat that will not be a problem if the causal trauma or conflict is absent?

When we know that nourishing the cell terrain is fundamental to maintaining a healthy body, why would we introduce the trauma of a vaccine?

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate to keep ourselves well?
What if we’re asking the wrong question?

Meta Consciousness supports the innate, life-ward processes of the body; it doesn’t view the body as deficient or needing to be provoked into ‘learning’ how to respond to a threat.

Quite the opposite in fact.

When symptoms of any kind arise, there is one cause. Only one. And it’s always the same cause. Symptoms are indications that the body is trying to resolve conflicts and to adapt where necessary to survive trauma.

So why would we need to protect ourselves by introducing artificially created DNA/RNA combinations to our body’s responsive, intelligent biochemical balance? Conflicts cause the symptoms. Empathy from social connection releases and resolves conflicts and encourages the body to heal. The body will adjust DNA/RNA messaging by itself when such a change is useful in the healing process.

When dis-ease is present, conflicts, not infections, are the cause. Symptoms are signs of the body’s attempts to rebalance after a conflict or trauma has stressed the system. Meta Consciousness looks at each symptom for the biological purpose it serves. We search for the traumas that caused the imbalance. We look for specific meaning created by traumatising events, knowing that every person’s perceptions is unique.

Then we assist the body’s healing by releasing the energy and emotions of frozen traumas locked into the body’s tissues.

When faced by the trauma of living in a world gripped, as the media describes it, by a terrifying pandemic, it is entirely logical to find huge levels of people suffering with symptoms related to life-threatening shocks which take their breath away and frighten them to death.

Meta Consciousness focuses its attention on nurturing the health of the body’s cells, giving the emotional and physical support needed to strengthen vitality and thrive despite external stressors. It directs us towards good food, exercise, rest, and joyful living as the sources of wellbeing. We release the traumas and shocks which have stressed the body. We support its innate survival processes.

Meta Consciousness gives us the power to choose health for ourselves without fear of external attack. It cautions us to look very carefully at interventions designed to shock the body’s inherent healthy functioning.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

This is a question we have all had to face and answer for ourselves – and I am not pro or anti any approach. Everyone is doing their best to find their way in a world that has become full of fearful stories.

I encourage you to open the doors to information other than that offered by mainstream and financially powerful sources.

Trevor Gunn’s book is a great place to start.

Meta Consciousness maps out the body’s innate intelligence and gives meaning and purpose to everything it does. It guides us to take responsibility for our internal terrain as the corner stone to our health and wellbeing.

We see the body, not as vulnerable to attack from external microbial enemies, but as compromised by trauma, both physical and emotional.

Working with Meta Consciousness, we focus on proactive nourishment. We see health founded on compassionate social connection, from vital, joyous life-styles, and from life-giving foods and environments.

Our response to dis-ease is always more connection. More compassion. More vitality. More joy.