Life Begins ..

The moment of surrender is not when life is over, it’s the moment life begins.” Marianne Williamson.

When people come to me, they’re often in a place of extreme distress. Processing a biological and emotional journey, can feel like treading the depths of the underworld. Strain radiates from them as they tell me how hard they’ve tried to fix the ‘faults’ in their body and life. Exhausted by their efforts, they speak of increasingly desperate attempts to control, improve, conquer, overcome, fight, battle …

The problem is, they have found that, the harder they tried, the worse things got.

What you resist…

So many suffering and struggling in their attempts to control their bodies, to make themselves well. They are fighting life, symptoms, other people and more: their bodies feel like the wastelands of war. It’s no wonder.

After all, we’re submerged in the dogmatic language of the battlefield even under the banners of health. We are encouraged to attack our symptoms; to poison, cut and burn. The body’s ‘malfunctions’ and ‘mistakes’ are seen as horrors to be feared. Yet what if I said these exact seemingly ‘mistakes’ are actually a biological process to serve a purpose?

As clients describe the traumas they’ve experienced — emotional and physical — they are mostly still searching for an external cure, which is understandable given the current education of media and academia.

Tears, rage, fury, anguish, intense shame, disgust. The whole scale of emotions of every kind can be triggered in an instant as we move towards the only course remaining.

They’ve done all they can to fix themselves. It hasn’t worked! Many have been in therapy for years, spent ££££££s on pharmaceutical cures, natural remedies, changed their diet umpteen times.

Not many have found the root cause or understood the natural process of the bodies biological attempt to survive. However is that survival process stuck, due to our domestication? The trust in our natural bodies biological processing has been drowned in shame and discontent.

What to do???!!

Look inside?

However we have not been taught to build a relationship with our own bodies.

All that remains is surrender.

Surrender, for you, is like… what?

What do you think of when you read the word ‘surrender’? For many, it’s a words that means, relinquish control, to give up and lie down, give in to the enemy, weakness, laziness and more. It’s accepting the abyss. Giving in to the uncertainty and even perhaps death. It reeks of hopelessness and despair.

It’s the raising of the white flag of failure.

However context is everything and the surrender I am speaking of can mean something so much more powerful, beautiful and restorative.

Meta Consciousness leads us, if we’re willing, to a surrender that brings deep, deep peace.

As we open our hearts to our oneness with life — as we see ourselves as part of the eternal, living whole, embracing and bringing together all of the opposites— we surrender our fears, our illusions of control, our deception of separation.

What if we give up the struggle? What if we allow what is, to be? Once we understand what is actually happening in our bodies, both physically and mentally. That is the possibility of journeying with Meta Consciousness. We can open to that innate trust of understanding the root cause. Because if we keep resisting then we resist part of ourselves.

Surrendering the struggle brings serenity.

Serenity supports healing.

Healing brings harmony.

Body, mind and spirit align. Whatever comes next is perhaps different for each of us, however it can be the start of a glimmering presence.

As we surrender to what is, we find we can love this moment now. Being here, now, in love with life is all we ever want anyway. The glimmers are the small fragments of hope and awe, that we can also choose to not only observe, but experience.

This sublime surrender is the most resourceful state we can access. Our best decisions are made from here. Our cells are given the best chance to thrive as we relax and trust in the wellbeing that flows to us and through us and through all life on this planet.

What kind of surrender is this surrender?

Complete. Absolute. Cellular. Mitochondrial.

Complete as in, no more effort of any kind being made. Sometimes this may be tiny steps, others times it may occur in giant leaps. Please never bypass the tiny steps as these are the miracles of life. Giving up fighting and/or battling our self is the most profoundly desired sense. Like plunging into the deepest pool at the end of the hardest trek ever and allowing the water to embrace you, to support you as you float. Dropping every burden, letting a softness catch you. Soft bed, soft sofa, soft cushions… sinking into softness with no thought other than to stop.

Absolute. There is no activity of any kind now. No thought. No action. No energy to expend. Here, there is only is-ness. Letting what is, be. Stopping on every level……remember that deep blue pool that has got you? That is the universe.

Cellular. Surrendering to the level of your cells and the spaces between them is profound and life-changing, releasing the tension we normally carry. There is no call to action. Nothing to do.

There is only an openness, a simplicity, a humility.

I am… and that is all.

Every cell is given space and honouring: whatever is, has reason to be. All is valid. All is purposeful.

Next month we will explore how Meta Consciousness helps you on this journey.

On the dimension of Meta Consciousness, all is a process. Always.

We have a choice. We can spend our whole life suffering because we can’t relax with how things really are, or we can relax and embrace the open-endedness of the human situation, which is fresh, unfixated, unbiased.” — Pema Chödrön

This kind of surrender needs to embrace the one experience most of us resist. Meta Consciousness teaches us to welcome it as a part of the beautiful whole. Unless we befriend this one, profound experience, we cannot hope to heal in fullness.

The experience, of course, is our journey to a destination that we have a choice over, death. We can choose how to experience our soul’s journey in our physical ‘earths onesie’ (Coined by Maryrose Moses O’brien).

The healing is a sense of wholeness. A wholeness that reunites us — body mind and spirit — with life itself. This wholeness must include the releasing of the body as our energy cycles onward into the next stage of its existence.

I have seen people heal themselves of ‘incurable’ dis-eases. Tumours dissolved. Terminal diagnoses reversed. Medics baffled. I know that the healing power of the bodymind is far greater than conventional medicine predicts.

I’ve experienced this healing power myself and in clients many times over. We can not only understand the why of the process, we can understand the what and how of the healing process. This helps us find our bearings and to raise our expectations of what’s possible.

But knowing what the body can do and how it can achieve it, is not sufficient to bring the bodymind into alignment with health and vitality, when trauma is significant.

Alignment with the power to heal compels us to find our ‘why’ — our reason for living. Attuning to our personal ‘why’ is the ultimate leverage for the bodymind in trauma.

Once we have our ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ in alignment, life force can flow freely. Surrender to this flow is serene.

Far from waving a white flag of failure, this surrender is a beautiful dissolving into the brilliance of life.

As we open our minds, hearts and bodies to the extraordinary intelligence that creates, sustains and replenishes life, surrender brings profound relief.

As we breathe in, we remember our oneness with life.

As we breathe out, we surrender to life’s brilliance.

And wellbeing abounds.