Join The Academy

If you are reading this, then we will assume you are at some level thinking about taking the step to apply to join The Academy.

It’s often said that everything happens for a reason at the right time .. and we’d love to explore if The Academy is a fit for you right now.

The next steps to take to join The Academy are:

  1. Click and complete the application form
  2. Your application will be reviewed
  3. Confirm acceptance of The Academy guidelines and rules and policies
  4. Complete your membership fee payment

The Academy Membership review process is quiet simple:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. The form is reviewed
  3. If a simple yes .. we will send you the details for your next steps, and you complete the investment
  4. There is an introductory welcome call
  5. You’ll fill in your intake form eg. photo, bio
  6. You’ll be Assigned a Relationship Manager/buddy
  7. You get your membership ID and online area passwords

Note: This take 2-5 business days usually.

Please Note:

The Academy has been designed so that anyone may apply for membership, and we review all applications to ensure that there is a fit, we can provide value and there is clarity of values and expectations.