Frequently Asked Questions | General

What is Meta Consciousness?

Meta Consciousness is an analytical process which explores root cause triggers & factors of illness & mind-body dis-ease. And then supports the individual to build lifestyle changes to support their health and wellbeing goals.

When was The Academy founded?

In 2018 it was founded in its current form, however informally, for over a decade.

Why was The Academy founded?

3 reasons –

  • One, for practitioners…it can be lonely
  • Second, to bring rigour and best practice to a new modality especially given the people that can be helped
  • Thirdly, we saw opportunities that are also possible inside a organisation such as The Academy

How will this help my life ?

You will understand the process of your life’s patterns,  understanding the reasons the body starts the process, become aware of health processes, release fear of these processes, assist others in releasing the thoughts of suffering and guide people to transform their lives for optimal healthy living.

Is Meta Consciousness Healing?

No Meta Consciousness is not healing. It can be considered an empowerment for people who wish to heal.

How long will it take to train?

It will take 10 months online.

How much time do I have to invest in the academy each week, month, quarter, year?

Generally it’s wise to invest at least 10 hours a week. You could think of this as an hour a day and a bit more at the weekend.

Do I need formal anatomy & physiology?

Not as a prerequisite, however there will be some anatomy and physiology during the online course.

Frequently Asked Questions | Business

How quickly can I heal / help my client?

Our bodies have the innate wisdom of activation, and there is actually no time scale to activate this.  This is an actual process of the mind, body, spirit, nutrition, environment, internal and external and one of the main keys is to release the trapped trauma.

After 10 months once you have completed the case studies which will include 10 case studies, 2 x sessions per case study, you will be ready to start your own business.

Can I charge more? What does a practitioner earn?

How much is it worth for you to transform your own life?  When you become a specialist/expert then you can offer your own skills and work to expand your business to wherever your vision can see that is ethical.

Will you teach me how to build a business / get clients?

IMCA™ will assist you to become the expert in your chosen health issue and once certified you will be part of the community that 1000’s are searching for.

Do I need insurance?

Yes we recommend and it is a requirement that you maintain insurance as well as operating with ethics and in accordance with your relevant local / national regulations and laws.

IPTI is our main current insurance provider.