Health is a choice! 

One that we are committed to enabling you to make.

How can you enable yourself and your clients to go over and beyond treating just dis-ease symptoms and address the root cause of your health issues?

Are you concerned about your health, and would like to learn how you can tap into your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms?

We will help you choose to embrace your life!

The mind and body share a succinct and important connection. In this META-Consciousness Introduction online self paced workshop, we will provide a scientific explanation to this connection. Inviting you to start the experiential process of understanding the what, why and how your body is adapting to stressors and triggers of life. 

What is META-Consciousness?

META Consciousness™ is the latest generation of the Meta-Health model co-founded by Johannes Fisslinger and Dr Anton Bader.

It is a response to the need to focus more on each individual as we evolve and adapt, and while new science is constantly being revealed about: Mind, Body, Nutrition, Epigenetics, Genes and Generational & Cultural Trauma. 

It is the interpretation of the relationship of our bodies, tissues, behaviours, organs, spiritual connections on an individual pathway.  As each unique individual is an eco system endeavouring to not only adapt but to SURVIVE.

Founded on the bio-psycho-social-connection, META Consciousness™ focuses on the individual’s experience of their illness and the meaning it holds for them. This is not necessarily the same for all of us, otherwise we would all have cancer, all suffer from IBS or acne. It is about our own perceptions and beliefs.

This is a system that focuses on integrative medicine. It acts as a precursor to therapy and a guide to the self empowering journey, the innate intelligence of your body, mind and soul needs to heal, whether it is of traditional, complementary or alternative origin.

META Consciousness™ is unbiased. It does not favour any set type of therapeutic intervention over another and runs alongside the medical profession in their work. 

What You Will Get From This Course

  • You will learn how to increase balance in your life, and improve your overall health and wellness
  • To release fear of your and your clients symptoms by understanding what the bodies process to self healing is
  • Get enlightened on how 95% of all illness is caused by stress and the mechanism of how this actually works
  • Explore the real root causes of your own health issues and help relatives and friends with theirs
  • As a health professional, therapist, coach or counsellor, you will gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ core issues
  • How nature and our bodies are not fighting against us
  • You will find if you are curious enough to go forward, to become a METACOLOGIST TM  practitioner, or that you may have the information you were looking for without spending more time or money
  • Experiential guidance to your own level of understanding your authentic self
  • The start of becoming who you were born to be
  • Online self paced learning approx. 70-90 hours Pre- Recorded interactive lessons to be kept for life
  • Safe and confidential community

Part 1

  • A look at the perceptions of health and the different categories of the current healthcare system, where META-Consciousness fits in, and the future of healthcare so that you can understand how to make optimum choices for you and your family’s health
  • Health beliefs – what they are, how they are formed, and the impact on the decisions you make towards your health and healing, enabling you to evaluate your own health beliefs and begin to figure out a way to optimise them
  • An introduction to the integrative model of healthcare and bio-psycho-social healthcare system where you will learn about your innate power to transform your health through self-healing
  • Mindfulness exercises to assist you to get in touch with your body and subtle energies so that you can communicate with your body in a deeper way that many have forgotten

Part 2

  • Starting to explore the different causes of disease and the role that stress plays where you will start to gain insight on some general symptoms and what it means to be meta-healthy.
  • Some case studies – META-Consciousness in action!
  • The process of healing and the “two phases and nine points of disease model” – the one simple model that quickly enables you to understand disease and symptoms on a profound level
  • A look at the difference between chronic and acute disease processes, and the role of beliefs and emotions.

Part 3

  • An introduction to the four brain layers, associated organ-tissues, conflict themes, and organ reactions.
  • You’ll discover the empirical evidence that will help you understand the mind-body-social connection to a really deep level. Mind blowing stuff!
  • Begin the process of transformational healing – an overview of the META-Conscious question and analysis process.
  • Learn a process to quickly assess what is underpinning your physical symptoms, and begin to build strategies for deep and complete healing!

Part 4

  • A deeper understanding of some of the scientific roots and empirical evidence that lead to the creation, and understanding, of the brain-relay/body tissue model
  • Understand the organ-tissues responses, as well as the emotion-belief connections, so that you can quickly understand the underlying theme of any health condition
  • We will cover further examples of organ-tissues responses and emotion/belief connections

Part 5

  • “Introductory level” view of the workings of the immune system giving you a deep understanding of how the immune system actually works and what you can do to optimise it
  • The role that microbes, bacteria, and viruses play in the creation AND healing of symptoms of disease

Part 6

  • META-Conscious Root Cause Analysis Demonstration


  • Questions and Answers and Celebration

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We know that knowledge is power and have no wish for anyone to miss out due to monetary challenges. So although I set a price on the workshops, we are also offering the option of paying less if the price is out of your range. Therefore please do meet this in the spirit of the trusted intention and pay what you can afford and not to abuse the system in order to get a cheap deal.